Friday, January 14, 2011

That education thing....

    I was going to post again this weekend but I just got inspired unexpectedly. We just got finished with our community food dinner at the Purple Porch Coop and I sat down  to check some e-mails. When clicking on PPC's weekly newsletter there was a link to listen to Krista Bailey's public radio address. Krista is a PPC member / founder and a silent voice behind our General Manager (his wife). Her words, so nicely written, was inspiring. It touched on a lot of topics that might point to the decline of American life that we once knew.
    There use to be a time when a kid (me) could go work for a local farmer putting up hay or do day labor for a few dollars of pocket change. Today I feel nervous just letting someone walk across an open field in fear they could step in some cattle dung, slip, fall and bring suit. How crazy? We would ride our bikes six or seven miles to one of our friends house, play all day, and then ride home (with NO helmet) and not even have a cell phone just in of an emergency. Heck you were lucky if you got through on the phone because if one of the neighbors was on the party line you got a busy signal. How crazy? This is getting a little off the subject of Krista's story. I feel there is a connection though and she brings up great points to think about.
     So give it a listen and pass it along. I would much rather receive this link in an e-mail than something I have to forward to ten of my closest friends or else an end to life as we know it will come. Well maybe that would be a good thing as long as we could go back to life as we use to know it.
Later Chris

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  1. Our family bought a farm near Galena in Western Illinois in 1963 when I was 11. We rented out the cropland to a neighboring farmer. One of the delights of summer was helping with the hay bales, both in the fields and in the hayloft. I don't think anyone thought about possible liability.