Friday, January 7, 2011

I ate the whole thing or How do I always find myself in these situations

    Walked out to look for some fencing tools that someone had left out in the field after fixing the fence. Well, here sat this young steer that had found himself in a bit of a pickle. This is a ring we fill with a large round hay bales. We use the rings so the cattle don't lay on the pile and waste it. Well this bale was all gone and in its place this guy. He was easily let out and no harm no foul, except now his picture has made it to the Internet. 

    The title of this post could also be describing me. Michelle has been creating some really good meals as of late. The kids are always leery of something new but that just means leftovers or "I ATE THE WHOLE THING".  As for finding myself in these situations, there just seems not enough time in the day to get everything done. Which explains the time past from the last post. I'll try harder.

    We are getting ready to farrow a couple sows in the next week. Getting the girls moved around from a group setting to their own farrowing hut can be quite a challenge. Have you ever tried to move a 425 pound object that in no way wants to be moved. First we will try food as a persuasion, and if that does not work. Well let us just hope that works. The girl we have to move tomorrow is a real sweetie, just as long as she gets her way and she does not miss a meal. Otherwise the sweetie turns into a real bi$#*.  Hopefully I can get Jack out there and whisper to her.

    The ladies had been stuck between 70-80 eggs a day for a while. Then wham! 91 eggs yesterday, and wham!, wham! 102 eggs today. The only bad part is somebody has to wash them. So off I go spending my Friday night washing eggs, but on a very full stomach thanks to Michelle's  Crunchy Chicken.

Later Chris

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