Monday, December 20, 2010

Did you here about Bob in accounting?

This is farmings version of morning water cooler talk. Sometimes it take place during morning chores or at a break in what we might be doing, but there is always chatter.  This week we will have a few different voices as the kids are on winter break. So naturally the conversation has turned a little more light hearted and usually packed full of challenges. Today Jack was challenged to carry five gallons of water approximately 200 feet. I will have to give him a lot of credit he did a pretty good job but by the time he got there the bucket was only about half full and his pant leg was pretty wet. At eight and a half pounds per gallon a five gallon bucket is  pretty heavy even half full.  

Yesterday I mentioned a little thing about sheep. To expand on that, we are thinking about changing the breed of sheep we raise on the farm. We have been looking into a mule sheep. Before you get some silly image in your mind, let me tell you that they are a cross between two established breeds. This creates a really a good female sheep that is known for their mothering abilities and multiple births averaging 240% or better.
The bonus, they are excellent foragers, no grain necessary. Which fits our farm perfectly. We will be talking to a few farmers already raising them and start the transition with this springs lamb crops.

Daily egg count - 43

Later Chris


  1. Hi Chris--

    Do you raise the sheep just for the lamb meat to sell? Or do you have other uses for the sheep you raise (wool??)?

    Near Chicago

  2. Leslie the current ewes have a fleece that is not very desireable. We actually have to pay someone to sheer them after he takes the wool, be it not all that much. But with the new breed we are looking at switching to, their fleece is of a higher quality and could be of some value. Our main focus is the lamb meat, but it does come into consideration.