Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chores,Camp and a Conversation

    Sunday started off early as Dad and I met for chores and to load some pigs that were off to camp today. After chores I quickly helped Richard pull meat orders for Monday's deliveries.  We took eight pigs in today as we started running low on some of our sausages and a customer ordered a half hog. They take a two hour ride to Coopersville Mighigan to our butcher. Ken DeVrie and his team do a real nice job for us, and its been fun working with them for the past few years.
    After we dropped the pigs off we made a slight detour to talk to a local sheep farmer there in Coopersville. The folks at Beechtree Farms have been raising a breed of sheep that we think would work better for us than the current Suffolk we raise. They are a grass based breed that are excellent foragers and have great mothering abilities. After a little tour and a very informative conversation we left very impressed. There could be a big change coming to the farm as we look to expand the sheep operation.
    Earlier in week I got a call that someone had some poultry they were trying to get rid of. We decided to stop on the way home and take a look. Well we now have some new egg layers on the farm...... 

........Jackson is holding one of eight. We had a couple of ducks a few years ago but they never laid any eggs. When I saw these this afternoon, I had to give it another try. They are too cool ..... their walk, their quack and if I can get some eggs, well that's icing on the cake.  It might take a couple of weeks for them to adjust to their new home before they lay their first egg. Stay tuned.   
    The girls are getting a little better 57 eggs today.

Later Chris

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